MB Photography | Projects | From the Edge of Darkness

Are you looking into the depths of the forest, or trapped inside the woods looking out? I like the way negatives play with our perception of location and transform the dark interior of a forestry plantation into a ghostly but sometimes enticing light. But even once you know that these images are negative your mind is telling you that the view is normal, and in many of these images the manipulation of light is less obvious that you might expect.

Like my previous exploration of a forestry plantation I hope to convince you that it is not all predictable, monotonous, regular planting. There are variations in planting patterns and fallen or broken trees, individually and in groups, make each forest view unique.

While this series may continue for some time the source material is not unlimited. The requirements for these images are specific and the final processing is important to set the mood of the location. While I continue to find new locations I hope that you will follow my exploration of these places that many shun or even despise.