May 2017

A quiet month from a photography point of view for me, due primarily to Easter holidays and other family commitments. However, I have recently managed to get out into the Brecon Beacons with my camera and had an opportunity to capture what I expect is the last of the snow for this winter.

I've also made a trip to my local waterfalls and was lucky enough to stumble upon some unique conditions. See this month's image of the month for one of the images made.

The recent sunny weather has also encouraged me to start some experiments with my infra-red converted camera - something I have neglected for a while. While I am at a crossroads with many of my ongoing projects I hope to find time to explore this more.

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April 2017

After nearly 3 months of poring over maps and travelling all over the Brecon Beacons National Park I have now completed my Coins Not Accepted Here project series. The importance of doing this quickly was reinforced during the project when I noticed that 2 of the phone boxes I had already visited had been removed by BT only a few days later!

I hope that I have now located and photographed all of the phone boxes that are still remaining, but I would be very grateful for any information on ones that I may have missed, particularly in the more densely populated locations of Brecon, Crickhowell and Hay-on-wye where they are not always individually marked on the OS maps.

Although I have completed this phase of the project my aim is to return to these locations in approximately 5 years' time to re-photograph the same scene and see how it has changed.

Recently I have also started to capture new images from the Ephemeral Pools, with a few new images already added to the online gallery. I hope to have more time to devote to this project over the next few months.


March 2017

My photographic output over the last month has been almost completely occupied by my Coins Not Accepted Here project, documenting the remaining phone boxes in the Brecon Beacons National Park. This is mainly because I feel time pressure to capture them all before they are removed. Many of them have 42 day consultation notices on them dating from the end of 2016 indicating that BT plan to remove them, and while I doubt they will act quite this quickly I want to make sure I visit them before they do. I hope to complete this series during March - you can follow the project in real time on Twitter.

I also spent a family holiday in Madeira at the end of last month. Some images from there may find their way on to the gallery pages in the future, but in the meantime read why this is rarely the case in this month's selected image.

Glyntawe (number unknown)

February 2017

Over the last month I have been busy with two new projects. The first is based around a location close to home. Moel Penderyn is a small hill that I pass every day on the school run and one with some interesting features which I aim to explore in detail. Currently I am just making weekly visits there, wandering around to see what I can find. As yet I'm not sure of the direction of this project, but you can see some of my early images over on Twitter.

The other project is more documentary based, visiting all of the remaining telephone boxes in the Brecon Beacons to capture images of them before they disappear for good. You can read more about this project in February's image of the month, and all current project images will soon have their own gallery page on the website.

Moel Penderyn

January 2017

A new year brings new projects and I certainly have a few ideas that have been brewing for a while that I want to persue this year. Although most of these will see me trying to escape from my usual habitat of the forest I expect there will be plenty more images from there, especially as my Ephemeral Pools project will be continuing throughout 2017.

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the Ephemeral Pools book that was released last month. At the time of writing this there were only a few copies left, so if you want one please order from the Kozu Books website before they all dissapear. I hope to continue the use of books as a key way to publish my work in print as I believe it is the most affordable and accessible way to promote my photography to others.

Twynau Gwynion

December 2016

Having now agreed the final contant and sequence for the Ephemeral Pools book I expect it to be printed and released by Kozu Books sometime during December. With over two thirds of the edition already sold as pre-orders I urge you to be quick if you want to secure a copy. You can order direct from the Kozu Books website.

The Ephemeral Pools project itself is still ongoing and there have been a number of new images added to the series in the last month. The direction and type of image I am capturing has taken a number of twists and turns and still has the capacity to surprise me. I hope the project will continue for some time. I have also confirmed exhibition dates at Red House in Merthyr Tydfil for 2018 (nothing like planning ahead!). More details will be published next year.


November 2016

I am delighted to announce that Kozu Books will be publishing a selection of images from my Ephemeral Pools series as volume 8 of their Landscape Editions series of books. Pre-orders opened on 21st October and over half of the books have already been reserved. For more information and to order your copy please visit Kozu Books. The book is £10 (plus p&p) and comes with a free print.

An image from the Ephemeral Pools series has also been Commended in this year's Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards, along with a second image from my Maen Llia 2015 series. Both commended images appear in the Awards book , and "Bryophyta" from Ephemeral Pools will be exhibited at Waterloo Station from 21st November until 5th February 2017 along with the other award winners. This is the second year I've been lucky enough to have multiple images commended in the awards and it is extremely satisfying that they are both from long-term projects.

Last month I visited Skye, and although the primary purpose of the visit was walking and climbing, with the summit of the Inaccessible Pinnacle our main target, I also managed to capture a few images while I was there. These can be viewed on the UK Gallery pages.


October 2016

My Ephemeral Pools series has taken a new direction recently, with a move more towards the abstract (read more in the Image of the Month). The series will continue at least until the end of this year and I hope to get some of it into print before then.

As the weather turns to autumn I have made a few tentative forays out into the hills of the Brecon Beacons in the last month, and there are a couple of new images from the region in the Brecon Beacons gallery. I look forward to the onset of winter and plan to explore some more remote regions of the National Park over the coming months.


September 2016

With my photographic output in August limited as usual to "holiday snaps" I rarely add many images to my online galleries. However, one or two images from Peru have snuck throught the net to appear in the World Travel gallery, just to give you a flavour of what the country has to offer. It is a truly remarkable country with a wide variety of landscapes in a relativly small area and one I will endeavour to return to one day.

There is also a less predictable view from Peru as this month's selected image. A fascinating bit of street documentary all captured on my iPhone. Normal photographic service will resume this month.

El Misti, Peru

August 2016

I am delighted to have 3 images shortlisted in this year's Landscape Photographer of the Year awards. All three are from different long-term projects which are truly representative of my work.

Last month was a relatively quiet month for me photographically speaking, although a family trip to the Glamorgan Heritage Coast has resulted in some new images (see these in the Wales Gallery)

Work on my Ephemeral Pools project continues and there have been a few new images added to the series since last month. The relatively dry weather means that work on this project will slow down over the summer, but it will continue as soon as conditions allow.

Glamorgan Heritage Coast

July 2016

Last month I was delighted to be the featured photographer in On Landscape. In an extensive interview with Michela Griffith I talk about many of my projects over the last few years and give an insight into my approach to the landscape. The interview is free to read, although I would encourage all those interested in landscape photography to subscribe to this excellent online magazine.

My current work remains focussed on the Ephemeral Pools project, and lots more images have been added to the series over the last month. There will almost certainly be a book & exhibition of the series at some point, but this may take some time as the project has no end in sight at the moment. I have also been exploring some new potential project avenues including a series of quarry images.

A Sense of Perspective

June 2016

This month sees the Arts in the Tawe Valley Arts Week (from 11-17 June), part of which will be an exhibition at Pontardawe Arts Centre where one of my large Travels in a Strange Land : Dark Spaces images will be exhibited. See the group's website for more details about the exhibitions and other artists showing their work.

I have started to explore several potential new project series over the last month: "Ghosts of the Gunpowder Trail", an image from which appears as this month's Image of the Month and also in a new video on Vimeo; and "Field Studies" one image of which can be found here. I'm not sure how these series will progress, but you may see more of them in the future.

Field Studies I

All Images © Matt Botwood