MB Photography | Projects | Travels in a Strange Land

I have visited a strange and beautiful place, a land containing creatures and locations that are fantastical but somehow familiar. A negative world. A landscape unknown. So close, but as yet undiscovered.

While some people may think that most of their local landscapes have been discovered and photographed ad-nauseum, I have sought out the landscapes of my imagination. However, these are not photoshop creations but real places. Illuminating the dark spaces beneath rocks and trees by viewing them in negative I have unearthed a landscape previously unknown to me. What you see in them is only limited by your imagination (read more). 

Images from this series have been exhibited at Littleman Coffee in Cardiff and Tilt & Shift Gallery in Llanrwst. If you are interested in exhibiting any images from this series please contact me. Individual prints can be purchased by browsing the images below. Buy the book of the series HERE.